Reflexology by Rachel Coverson

Rachel Coverson is a newly qualified practitioner from Cornwall, UK in the field of Reflexology and other alternate therapies. The therapy is a pleasant treatment targeted at relieving stress, anxiety, pain and fatigue in some people. The website's primary goal is to direct possible clients towards a contact page to prompt a booking.

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A local reflexology business by Rachel Coverson.

Website Launch

A website launch for a new local business. Development lasted a month, beginning June 2021.

Brand Identity.

After an initial meeting with Racheal discussing the goals and direction of the business, we agreed that the key defining features of her brand would include authenticity, intimacy, and trust. It was also realised that the brand should display some loyalty to the beautiful Cornish countryside and abundant beaches. The website's primary goal would be to direct possible clients towards a contact page to prompt a booking.

The Initial Decisions.

An important detail about the treatment relevant to the development of brand and website design is the nature of the one-on-one intimate feel of the sessions. This should reflect in the website in the form of personalised and characteristic features. This was achieved with the use of type, colour and shapes. Firstly I selected a modern typeface with a moderate deference between the characters' thickest and thinnest parts and prominent, curved angle serifs. The font displays connotations of friendliness and personality; especially at bolder weights. This was perfectly aligned with the target features of the brand.

Another key consideration weas the use of colour throughout the website. Referencing the brand's connection to the local nature which include vast beaches and open sea, the decision was made to use Darker greens, turquoises and blues for prominent elements such as headings and colour-block backgrounds. I made the creative decision to actually fade between these blue and green colours on the headings providing an 'oscillating, breathing' effect. This was done with the use of custom Webflow animations to again reflect the intimate and therapeutic nature of the sessions Rachel provides.

In addition, the use of shape was very important to symbolise the themes of comfort and familiarity. This was done with a circular button and oscillating star background on the hero section. This was custom made using Adobe After Effect with the oscillating effect of the background is again used to reflect the intimate and therapeutic nature of the business.

Webflow Implementation.

Typical to the set up of any website implementation, I began by creating a project stylesheet to outline the core styles which will be used across the site. Doing this allows quick changes to be made to any element in the project be either myself or the client. A key consideration here is to ensure these styles are created with consistency while adhering to community accessibility guidelines. I then began creating each of the pages which will be used in the website which in this case included a landing home page, contact section, about section, and testimonial functionality.

It should be noted that the content for this project may not yet been completed. Placeholder content is therefore utilised in various areas of the project where required.
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